Advantages of using inter fold & m-fold tissue instead of hand towel

Tissue products are diverse, widespread and help to improve the quality of people’s lives around the world every single day. By providing value, tissue products have helped to create modern life.Image Slider1) Tissue Products are Hygienic
Tissue products include those for sanitary use, such as bathroom and facial tissue, napkins, paper towels and wipes, and special sanitary papers used in sterile medical procedures. Disposable tissue products have helped reduce the spread of bacteria and communicable diseases.
2) Tissue Products are Convenient
Strong, ultra-light and soft, tissue products are used in and away from home for cleaning and hygiene purposes. They are dependable and can be used on the go!
3) Tissue Products are Innovative
Advancements in manufacturing technology include more efficient tissue paper uses and improving the design of products and the way they are dispensed. These innovations allow the tissue manufacturers to keep up with growing consumer demand, improve existing products and develop new products.
4) Tissue Products are Sustainable
Tissue products are inherently sustainable. Whether they are made from sustainably harvested wood fiber trees or recycled paper, demand for tissue products ensures that the resources used to make them will be plentiful for generations to come. In addition, the U.S. paper and wood products industry voluntarily makes efforts to continuously improve upon its sustainability record.
-Tissue manufacturers drive demand for recycled fiber. In 2014, most U.S. mills with tissue paper capacity used some recycled paper to make new tissue products and several of those mills used only recycled paper.
-On average, about two-thirds of the energy used by pulp and paper mills comes from renewable sources such as byproducts like carbon-neutral biomass that would not otherwise be used in the tissue paper making process.
-Tissue manufacturers continue to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their facilities through efforts like reducing the use of fossil fuels and purchased energy (such as purchasing power from a local utility company), and reducing truck transportation.
-Tissue manufacturers work to combat illegal logging, requiring the loggers they purchase from to adhere to sustainable forest management practices and ensuring the wood they purchase is not from controversial sources.
-Tissue manufacturers continue to look for ways to improve their safety record in terms of reducing injuries and lost time from work. The goal for the industry is zero workplace injuries.
-In U.S. pulp and paper mills, water is used ten times, on average, before it is sent to a wastewater facility for treatment.

Tissue products are diverse, widespread and help to improve the quality of people’s lives around the world every single day. Tissue products provide value in many ways and have helped to create modern life.