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Cleaning Tools & Others

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  1. CEA Scouring Pad & Sponge 1205 (10pcs)

    As low as MYR 4.50
  2. Felton Paper Bin with Handle

    As low as MYR 13.60
  3. Dustbin/Felton/FDB 1707/Tong Sampah Pijak/Pedal Dustbin/Step Bin

    As low as MYR 19.60
  4. Good Morning Towel

    As low as MYR 3.52
  5. Scotch-Brite/Heavy Duty Scouring Sponge/Sponge Pencucian Tugas Berat/Cleaning Tools (5pcs x 1pack)

    As low as MYR 9.80
  6. Waste Paper Basket

    As low as MYR 2.60
  7. Water Pail/Air Tong Baldi/Water Bucket (2 Sizes)

    As low as MYR 10.88
  8. Floor Signage/Papan Tanda Lantai Kuning/Dual Lingual Sign Floor Signage/Yellow Signage (2 Designs)

    As low as MYR 26.40
  9. Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer (Original) 200ml

    As low as MYR 26.46
  10. Hand Wash/Dettol/Sabun Tangan/Hand Soap/Anti-Bacterial/Anti-Bakteria

    As low as MYR 13.35
  11. Hand Wash/Kleenso/Sabun Tangan Pelembap/Moisturising Hand Soap/500ml

    As low as MYR 5.72
  12. Bio Zip Detergent Powder

    As low as MYR 16.59
  13. Labour Liquid Dishwash (900ml)

    As low as MYR 5.75
  14. Sunlight Liquid Dishwash (900ml)

    As low as MYR 9.51
  15. Ajax Fabuloso Multi Purpose Cleaner

    As low as MYR 20.03
  16. CIF Cream Surface Cleaner Original (500ml)

    As low as MYR 9.18
  17. Bleach Liquid/Clorox/Cecair Pemmutih/Regular

    As low as MYR 13.62
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20 Items of 57

per page
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