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  1. 5X Reward Points for First Purchase

    How To Earn 5X Reward Points for First Purchase

    Question & Answers :

    1. Who is eligible?
    -> Only entitled to new customer who never purchase from Pacific Wise Sdn Bhd.

    2. Am I entitle to 5X Reward Points if I make my first purchase as a Guest o

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  2. PW Dropship Partnership

    PW eCommerceDropship
    Excited about starting a business, but not sure where to start and worry about shipping, storing inventory?

    Start your dropshipping business with us. Grow your business by selling to customers throughout the Klang Valley area.

    In a nutshell, you do not have to worry about product sourcing and not having to pick, pack, ship your products by yourself. You can just focus on selling.

    Table of Contents

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  3. How to reduce the cost and risk for your business vehicles?

    How to reduce the cost and risk for your business vehicles?
    Do you often forget to pay insurance and road tax for your company’s vehicles? Or forget to take your company’s vehicle to repair? Have no idea how to manage drivers’ performance? As a vehicle owner or fleet manager, you must’ve known that it’s not always an easy task to keep up with your vehicles, especially when you’re having more than 3 vehicles.
    Don’t worry, all of these problems can be solved by just having a Vehicle Management System (VMS) for your business. In this article, we will give yo

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  4. Difference between Mineral Water & Drinking Water

    What Is The Difference between Mineral Water & Drinking Water?
    Those jugs of water in the store labeled Drinking Water contain water of unspecified origin that has been purified to meet drinking water standards. It often will state that minerals have been added to improve taste. Mineral water generally comes from a specified natural source or spring with a specific mineral content that is listed on the bottle. Its only been in the last few generations that clean drinking water had been the norm, so older societies are in the habit of buying drinking water, and specifically water from certain locales that developed a reputation for their good—or sometimes

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  5. Join PW Membership!

    Thank you, Our Loyal Customer!
    Join PW Membership and Save Big!
    Good news to all of our loyal customers! We’re now introducing you with Pacific Wise membership plan to express our gratitude towards your continuous support throughout the years. PW membership plan is a program that give free extra bonus point when you purchase one of our membership plans.(Bronze, Silver or Gold)

    With PW membership plan, you can save more and get a big return!

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  6. Top 10 Quick Excel Tips (Part 2)

    Welcome to the second part of Microsoft Excel tricks & tips! Microsoft Excel is definitely...
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  7. Are You Facing A Slow Internet Connection?

    Sometimes, slow internet is the universe’s way of telling you to go play outside, here the Tips to Deal with it...
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  8. Be Our Facebook Follower and Get Reward Points worth RM50!

    Like our FB page & get Reward Points worth RM50! So easy?
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  9. PW Referral Program

    No member fees needed, no deposit needed. Not Scam! Good news again!
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  10. Advantages of using inter fold & m-fold tissue instead of hand towel

    What is advantages of using Inter Fold & M-fold Tissue instead of Hand Towel? Tissue products are...
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  11. Convert PW Reward Points to E-wallet

    What ? New Function of PW Reward Points ! Wow~ what an exciting moment!
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  12. Why You Should Buy JRT Instead of Normal Toilet Roll?

    What is the difference of Jumbo Roll Towel vs Normal Toilet Roll? Standard rolls of bathroom tissue have...
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  13. Top 10 Quick Excel Tips

    10 Most Useful & Simple Microsoft Excel Tips, a survey of office staff spend more than 10% of our working lives...
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  14. [COVID19] Getting your workplace ready for COVID-19

    There is currently no vaccine to prevent COVID-19. The best way to prevent infection is to avoid being exposed to the virus...
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  15. How to start a food delivery business from home?

    If you’re looking to be an entrepreneur this year, food delivery business from home is a good idea...
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  16. [COVID19] 自动获得延迟贷款偿还限期 Q&A

    在MCO行动管制令期间,如何减轻生活负担? 下图将会一一和你道来...
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  17. 10 Tips to be The Best HR Professional

    Want to be at the top of your field? Want to be the best HR professional that you can be?
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  18. 6 common copy machine & printer problems and the path to resolution

    Paper Jam ? What could be the root causes ?
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  19. Compatible vs Genuine Toner Cartridges

    Tips to select compatible or genuine toner...
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  20. What to consider when buying A4 paper

    A4 70gsm or 80gsm ?
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