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  1. Advantages of using inter fold & m-fold tissue instead of hand towel

    Tissue products are diverse, widespread and help to improve the quality of people’s lives around the world every single day. By providing value, tissue products have helped to create modern life.

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  2. Convert PW Reward Points to E-wallet

    What ? New Function of PW Reward Points !
    Wow~ what an exciting moment! You can now convert your PW Reward Points to Your E-wallet!!

    Year 2020 is a new generation of Cashless Societies, PW represents a rapidly growing company in stationery industry, we always follow the trend and responsive actively. Today, PW Reward Points not only can spend on PW website, you also can convert it to any type of your e-wallet, such as Grab pay, Touch N Go, Boost, Shoppe Cash or Maybank QR Pay.
    Q1. If you don’t know “What is PW Reward Points” and “How to get it”?
    A1. Please click
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  3. Why You Should Buy JRT Instead of Normal Toilet Roll?


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    Standard rolls of bathroom tissue have long been used in residential and small commercial settin
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  4. Top 10 Quick Excel Tips

    10 Most Useful & Simple Microsoft Excel Tips
    A survey of several hundred office staff we ran suggests we spend more than 10% of our working lives spreadsheeting, and for those working in research and development or finance, it’s more like 30%, or 2.5 hours a day.

    Imagine, then, if this substantial proportion of the global workforce were a little better at using the application. Time would be saved, and productivity would improve.
    Here selected ten which are especially easy to learn and which can make a material difference to productivity. For all those in need of a quick dose of tips to improve their Excel proficiency check out
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  5. [COVID19] Getting your workplace ready for COVID-19

    Getting your workplace ready for COVID-19
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  6. How to start a food delivery business from home?

    How to start a food delivery businessfrom home?
    Many years back, you may have enjoyed preparing meals and bringing lunch to work. However, in present days, meal delivery businesses have gained widespread popularity. More and more people are drawn towards meal delivery subscriptions, mainly for its convenience. Additionally, food delivery businesses usually offer home-cooked meals, which are healthier and safer options than what their fast food and restaurant delivery counterparts provide.
    If you’re looking to be an entrepreneur this year, one great idea is to start a food delivery business from home. Here how you can do it:
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  7. [COVID19] 自动获得延迟贷款偿还限期 Q&A



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  8. 10 Tips to be The Best HR Professional

    Want to be at the top of your field? Want to be the best HR professional that you can be? Need inspiration to help you get there?

    Here are ten tips to be the best HR professional you can be:

    1. Choose An HR Specification

    Even if you’re a generalist and like to be one, you need to be a MASTER OF ONE area. It makes you special, unique and sets you apart from the rest of the crowd.

    2. Build Strong Relationships

    Performing and delivering results matter. They help you attract attention, rewards, recognition and promotions. But it will only take you to a certain point. When you reach the Human Resources leadership ranks, the perspective shifts radically. Results are still just as important, but the relationships you build within the organization are even more important.

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  9. 6 common copy machine & printer problems and the path to resolution

    Paper Jam ? What could be the root causes ?

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  10. Customer Support Notice for Holiday

    Tips and tricks on what you can do with your new Fire TV Cube. Happy streaming!

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