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Electrical Accessories

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  1. Casing Set Fluorecent Light

    As low as MYR11.70
  2. Designer lamp T5/28W

    As low as MYR5.85
  3. Philips/Fluorescent Lamp Lifemax/Lampu Pendarfluor Lifemax/36W/54-765/Normal Bright

    As low as MYR7.67
  4. Philips Lifemax Tubelight (Super 80)

    As low as MYR6.24
  5. Philips/Safety Starter/Permulaan Keselamatan/Electrical Accessories

    As low as MYR3.50
  6. Eurosafe/4 in 1 USB Power Adaptor/Penyesuai Kuasa USB 4 dalam 1/Electrical Accessories/10W/ES-UA4

    As low as MYR13.23
  7. Eurosafe/Multi Adaptor with 2 USB/Multi Adapter dengan 2 USB/Electrical Accessories/ES-988 TA

    As low as MYR17.25
  8. Eurosafe/2 USB Power Adaptor Plug/2 Palam Penyesuai Kuasa USB/Electrical Accessories/ES-9001PA

  9. Schneider/C-Vivace Switch/Suis C-Vivace/Electrical Accessories

    As low as MYR7.20
  10. Cable Tie/Pengikat Kabel (100pcs x 1pack)

    As low as MYR6.40
  11. Cassette Reel Extension Plug/Palam Sambungan Kekili Cassette/Electrical Accessories

    As low as MYR11.25
  12. Designer 13amp Extension Trailing Socket/Soket Trailing Extension Pereka 13amp/Electrical Accessories

    As low as MYR20.30
  13. Eurosafe/3 Way Adaptor/Penyesuai 3 Jalan/Electrical Accessories/940S

  14. Eurosafe/Multi Travel Adaptor/Penyesuai Pelbagai Perjalanan/Electrical Accessories/CW USB (W)/ES-995

    As low as MYR17.83
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17 Items of 17

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