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  1. CBE Multiple Card Holder Without Cover PVC

    As low as MYR2.50
  2. CBE/Card Holder for IC/License(Hard)/Pemegang Kad IC/Lesen(Keras)/Holder Filing/3551

    As low as MYR0.60
  3. CBE/Card Holder for IC/License (Soft)/Pemegang Kad Untuk IC/Lesen(Lembut)/Holder Filing/3552-

    As low as MYR0.40
  4. Business Card Holder

    As low as MYR5.04
  5. CBE/Business Card Organizer/Bekas Kad Perniagaan/Holder Filing

    As low as MYR18.25
  6. Certificate Holder PVC/PVC Pemegang Perakuan/Certificate Holder/PVC8C

    As low as MYR4.76
  7. Certificate Holder PVC With Silk Screen Gold/Pemegang Perakuan PVC Dengan Sutera Layar Emas/Holder Filing/CH8C-SS/A4

    As low as MYR5.18
  8. Certificate Holder PVC With Sponge & Hot Stamping/PVC Pemegang Perakuan Span & Setem Panas/CH8C-HS

    As low as MYR6.02
  9. Certificate Holder PVC with Sponge & Corner Clip/Pemegang Perakuan PVC Dengan Span & Klip Sudut/CH8C/A4

    As low as MYR6.72
  10. Certificate Holder PVC With Transparent Cover

    As low as MYR3.16
  11. CBE/Clear Holder Hard PVC/Pemegang Jelas PVC Keras/Holder Filing

    As low as MYR3.09
  12. CBE/L Shape Folder Colour/Fail Warna Bentuk L/Holder Faling/9002/F4

    As low as MYR1.43
  13. CBE L Shape Folder 3 Pocket with Index

    As low as MYR2.74
  14. Transparent Folder/L Shape/C Shape/U Shape/Fail Bentuk/Shape Folder/Holder

    As low as MYR1.04
  15. CBE/L Shape Stand (Advertising Board)/Bentuk L Berdiri (Papan Iklan)/Holder Filing/(A4/A5/A6)/ Vertical/Landscape

    As low as MYR5.62
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