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  1. Tissue/Premier/Tisu Muka/Facial Tissue/Tissue Paper/2 Ply

    As low as MYR 20.52
  2. Kitchen Towel/Premier/Gulungan Dapur/Kitchen Roll/Tuala Dapur/Tissue/2 Ply (6 Rolls)

    As low as MYR 18.88
  3. Sanitizing Wipes/Premier/Tisu Sanitasi/Tisu basah/Wet Tissue/Tissue Paper (2 Packets x 50 Sheets)

    As low as MYR 14.28
  4. JRT/Jumbo Roll Tissue/Tuala Roll Jumbo/Towel Paper/Virgin Pulp

    As low as MYR 56.55
  5. Hand Towel/Inter Fold Tissue/M Fold Tissue/Multi Fold Tissue/Tuala Tangan Inter Fold/Tuala Tangan Multi Fold/Tissue Paper/Virgin Pulp

    As low as MYR 64.80
  6. Serviettes Tissue/Sakura/Serviettes Tisu/Tissue Paper/50gsm

    As low as MYR 53.33
  7. Tissue Dispenser/Inter Fold Tissue Dispenser/M Fold Dispenser/Dispenser Tisu Berbilang Lipat

    As low as MYR 44.00
  8. Air Freshener Dispenser/Air Wick/Freshmatic Starter/Auto Spray/Penyegar Udara Aerosol/Semprotan Auto/250ml

    As low as MYR 38.22
  9. Air Freshener/Air Wick/Freshmatic Refill/Isi Semula Semprotan Auto/250ml

    As low as MYR 20.57
  10. Air Freshener/Aire/Dispenser Refill/Isi Semula Semprotan Auto/300ml

    As low as MYR 8.33
  11. Ambipur Car Pc Refill (7.5ml) Lavender Spa

    As low as MYR 16.00
  12. Air Freshener/Glade/Aerosol/Penyegar Udara Aerosol/320ml

    As low as MYR 18.70
  13. Scented Gel/Glade/Scented Gel/Gel Segar/Air Freshener/180g

    As low as MYR 15.00
  14. Bamboo Chopstick with Plastic Wrapper (50pairs)

    As low as MYR 2.75
  15. Paper Cup (20'S)

    As low as MYR 3.00
  16. Paper Plate/White/Disposable Plate/Plat Kertas/7in/9in (20'S)

    As low as MYR 3.60
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20 Items of 199

per page
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