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A price quote delivers a fixed price for a product or service. It is given to a client or customer by a supplier and can be either written or verbal. The quoted price is only valid for a certain period of time

Now you can make your own quotation with faster way!!
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STEP 1  Sign in ¬

STEP 2  Click the product you are looking for. Then click ADD TO QUOTE ¬

STEP 3  After completing all the products you want, click My Quotation at right corner ¬
STEP 4  Request a Price Quote > Fill up on Quote Summary > Update Quote > Click Submit Quote ¬
STEP 5  Your Quote Request has been received! You can download PDF file by click into QT-No. ¬
STEP 6  Click download PDF for format Quote ¬
STEP 7  Another option you can check your inbox on your email - New Quotation ¬
STEP 8  Inbox - Select the file download Quote ¬
STEP 9  Formal look Quotation ¬
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