Hand to Them


Putting smiles on our customers' faces over PW's services is what we live for. It doesn't stop here. We believe in bringing smiles not just to our customers, but to the community and fellow Malaysians in need.

In Malaysia, an estimated 64,000 children live in child care institutions, in registered and unregistered government and private orphanages. It is difficult to establish just how many unregistered homes there are.

To supporting this unfortunate group, we bring you "Hand to Them", our community outreach CSR program.


    1. What is the “Hand to Them” program ?

    The “Hand to Them” is a program to collect donation from our customer who care about the less fortunate groups in Malaysia. We collect the donations and give them to vulnerable groups that facing financial difficulties.

    2. Who do we donate to ?

    We will donate to legal charity organization that really need help, such as Rumah Charis - Home For The Aged (Orphanage), and Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-kanak Istimewa Insan (Disability Center).

    3. Why did PW start the “Hand to Them” program?

    Everyone is in a difficult situation during the COVID-19 pandemic, but they are even more difficult. Due to the epidemic, they unable to organize donation activities in public, which affected their livelihoods. Through this program, we can help those who need it more at an affordable amount. A little from us may change their live.

    4. How much I need to donate ?

    The minimum donation amount is RM1.00. It is rare, but we believe that every little makes a mickle.

    5. Which website can participate in this program ?

    Good new! We have expanded it to all PW website, and you can now participate in any of them

    6. How to donate ?

    You just need to select the amount and click the "ADD DONATION" button when you checkout your shopping cart, and the donation will be added to your checkout amount.

    7. Could I separate the purchase and donation bills ?

    We usually do not separate it unless you request to. You can add a remark during checkout, so you will receive an electronic receipt for the donation via email.

    8. When will PW pass the donations to relevant organizations ?

    PW will collect a certain amount of money (RM500 or above) and then pass it to the relevant organization, and will also display the receipt on the website.

    9. Is this PW's first CSR program ?

    No, If you are interested in other CSR programs of PW, please click here.
    - PW CSR Program
    - Pacific Wise Charity Campaign

    **Write to us if you have any question.