How To Start Affiliate Marketing in Malaysia

Joanne, a regular admin who wanted to find extra income to pay for her living expenses.

She tried various part time "direct selling" beauty and slimming products promising additional income.

But at last, no people bought and her effort and time just wasted..

One day when she is purchasing office supplies she come across Pacific Wise referral program. Its free so she join and promote to her admin friends also. She didn't expect so many of her friends joined and purchased...

But why it works? Because office supplies is an essential product for a business to operate. That's why PW Referral WORKS for her... and YOU...

PacificWise Referral Program

Referral Program in Malaysia, affiliate marketing for beginners, with no money, with no website

No Target to Hit    No Hidden Fees    100% Risk Free

Scenario 1 (You Refer 2 Friend and they refer 3 Friends)

CustomerSizeFrequencyComm. %Total Commission
2RM35015%RM 35
3RM35012%RM 21
Total EarnedRM56 / Months, RM672 / Year

Let's add a little more at each category and see how much YOUR EARNINGS INCREASES

Scenario 2 (You Refer 6 Friend and they refer 12 Friends)

CustomerSizeFrequencyComm. %Total Commission
6RM45025%RM 270
12RM45022%RM 216
Total EarnedRM486 / Months, RM5832 / Year

Imagine the endless possibilities of earnings.. Its YOUR unlimited and forever Passive Income

Standard Referrer


2% Commission for every successful referral's purchase.

Spend at least RM100 in Pacific Wise website to get this referrer membership for FREE

PRO Referrer



First 100 Sign-Ups

5% Commission for every successful referral's purchase, and 2% Commission for every successful referrals referred purchases.

FREE for first 100 sign ups. (Normal Price: RM258/Year).

Every Minute Past Is Every Opportunities Missed. Click the button above NOW and start earning YOUR PASSIVE INCOME!

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