Best Office Supplies Membership In Malaysia

I’m Alice, a business owner..

My routine task is to order office supplies, print documents, manage payroll, track vehicles, and more. She often spent a lot of money and time on these tasks.

One day, she discovered Pacific Wise VIP Membership online. It offered a loyalty membership with more than 10 benefits that could save her money and time for Virtually Free.

She signed up for Pacific Wise VVIP Membership for only RM358 and received a RM50 welcome gift and monthly RM20 voucher to use.

Alice was amazed by how much she saved with Pacific Wise VIP Membership. She also earned RM120 per referral when she invited her friends and colleagues to join.

After her PW VVIP membership period ended, she get RM608 back as well, which is insane value covering the initial fees and loads of extra money back!

She calculated that she saved more than RM1,000 in total with Pacific Wise VVIP Membership. She felt happier and more productive at work. She realized that Pacific Wise VVIP Membership was the best partner for her business and career.

Lets See Another Example of The Total Benefits

Kelly, spent RM500 every month (RM6000/Year), Referred 3 PW VVIP People (Spent RM1000 / Quarter / People), Referrals 6 (Spent 500 / Quarter / People).

Full Refund-RM358
Extra Bonus-RM250
PW VIP ReferalRM120 X 3RM360
Welcome Gift-RM50
Monthly VoucherRM20 X 12RM240
5% Level 1 CommissionRM1000 X 4 X 3 X 5%RM600
2% Level 2 CommissionRM500 X 4 X 6 X 2%RM240
Total Earned-RM 2098