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• Size : A4 (30cm x 22cm)
             A3 (45cm x 30cm)
             A2 (60cm x 45cm)
             A1 (90cm x 60cm)
• Colour : Dark green

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Cutting Mat is design for crafters, 3mm thick with a dark green base colour and right green grid lines. Grid lines are designed for easy measuring and for accurate cutting of straight lines. These mats protect your work area and greatly extend the life of your rotary blades.
• Size : A4 (30cm x 22cm)
A3 (45cm x 30cm)
A2 (60cm x 45cm)
A1 (90cm x 60cm)
• Colour : Dark green
• Usage : Protect the surface underneath, non-slip and help safe control of the knife.

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