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RM6,000 Marketing Fund, E-Mail Marketing campaigns And Many More for your business.


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Tons Of Benefits

Promote Your Company on Pacific Wise (Worth RM298)

You will have a shop like Shopee in for Thousands of active SME Purchasers to view and purchase.

FREE One E-Mail Marketing Campaign (Worth RM699)

Utilize pacific wise 20+ Years worth of collected contact list, 10,000+ active SME customers to promote your products. We will help you to market your products.

FREE Transferable HrMudah Subscription (worth RM328.90)

Free first year of HrMudah cloud subscription. HrMudah allows HR to automate and only spend 60% of energy to deal with daily chores. Feel free to resell it and earn RM328.90 if you don't use it.

Sharing of Business knowledge and courses (worth RM3386)

Sharing knowledge so that your business can grow. We will be sharing you complete Facebook Marketing course, ways to create product a hot product, and basic to advance level Google Analytics E-Book

WhatsApp Marketing Tools (Worth RM199)

Reach 250 customers per day with just a few clicks. Increase your marketing efficiency and effectively send your messages to your customers.

Sharing of Capital Structure Tools (Worth RM249)

The knowledge and tools to take your business to the next level by learning how to structure your company's capital and attract investors.

Become A High Commission Maxis Dealer

You and your staff can benefit from Maxis commission Up to RM220 / Line if they successfully found referrals for Maxis products.

Second Income Stream For Your Business

Get 5% referral commission for any office supplies purchases made on by your referrals. Additional income for you to spend!

50 - 100 Free But Powerful Sales Force

If your commission is attractive enough, our customer service and external sales force will push and recommend your product to customers.

Investment opportunity for Your Company

Pacific Wise would like to invest in your company if your company has an attractive business model. You will have more capital to grow your company and earn more profits.

Access To THOUSANDS of Active SME Purchasers

Over 80,000 SME Purchasers visitors per year, imagine if only 1% purchased your product, that will be 800 customers buying your product.

FREE Traffic And Advertising Cost

Pacific Wise will advertise its website in various advertising media to attract more visitors to our platform. You can benefit from our advertising cost as well!

Partnership And Business Inner Circle

We strive to create a win-win community, shares knowledge and creating partnership by cross offering popular products at a lower price.

Who Are We?

Using Our E-Commerce Experience To Help You
Generate Maximum Revenue

20 Years
Ecommerce Experience‚Äč

Pacific Wise has 20 years experiences in B2B E-commerce platform that provides one stop office solution.

Serving more than 30k of SME clients and helped them improve up to 60% procurement operational efficiency.

Over Years

SME Clients

0+ %
+ Improve in Operational Efficiency

How We Did In The
E-Commerce Space

SME Purchasers Visit Us Everyday

3 Minutes
Spent To See
What We Are Selling

+ 1
New Customers Buy From
This Store Everyday

RM 1
MYR Per Bill

Orders Per Day

RM 0
Spent To Get 1 Visitor

An eCommerce Store That Sells Low Price Items Like RM1 Pen

But Our Average Order Value is RM 340 Per Bill

What We Had Achieved

And How Your Profit Will Increase As Well

Total Sales

Our combined total sales had a rough total of 32,000 orders with an average of RM340.00 per bill.

With online and offline orders combined, we had an estimated RM13+ MILLION of revenue in the year 2021.

What We Had That Can Boost Your Sales

SME's Purchaser Visits

In 2021, a total of 82,037 visitors has visited Pacific Wise websites.

350 SME's purchasers visited our websites PER DAY.

64,731 new visitors had visited us in 2021 for ads cost of RM55,539.53.

So, the cost for a never seen before Pacific Wise visitor to shop with us is RM 0.86 / New Visitor

Source: Google Analytics

Conversion Rate

There is a total of 4,823 new registration in 2021. Registered customer had the intention to purchase.

With 64,731 new visitors, the conversion rate is about 7.45% for new visitors.

The overall conversion rate is about 22% (32,000 orders / 145,403 Sessions).

Source: Google Analytics

Constant New Customers

(4,823 / 12 months / 20 working days) = total of 20 new customers purchase per day.

Source: PW Magento Data

Cost Per New Customer Acquisition

RM 55,539.53 Marketing Spent / 4823 first time customers = RM11.52 to obtain a new customer.

RM11.52 - RM 0.86 (Cost per new visitor) = RM10.66 to get a new customer to purchase.

We spent RM10.66 to get a customer to purchase RM340(Our average order value) from us.

Source: Google Analytics

FREE Sales

82,037 visitors had visited Pacific Wise website.

Subtracting 64,731 New Visitors, we get 17,306 visitors to visit Pacific Wise website for Absolutely 0 Cost.

Source: Google Analytics

High Returning Customers

82,037 Total Visitors and 64,731 New Visitors
= 21.10% of loyal customers and 78.90% new visitors.

In terms of purchases, an average of 20 bills (15.04%) contributed by new customers while 113 bills (84.96%) by returning customer per day.

Source: Google Analytics

Customer Life Time Value

1 new visitor spend approximately RM24.05 at Pacific Wise websites in year 2021 according to 64,731 users data.

Source: Google Analytics

Traffic Source

Thanks to our website strong SEO, backlinks and authority, we only rely 25.6% on paid ads while 74.4% of traffic are organic with 0 cost.

Source: Google Analytics

You Will Get These Total Product Impressions

If You Became PW Partners 5 Months Ago

Your Product Exposure

From January to May 2022, Pacific Wise main website gained over 655,000 impressions and over 15,600 clicks in 5 Months time.

Source: Google Search Console

Leverage Our Search Engine Marketing Skills

Our second website gained over 508,000 impressions and over 5,470 clicks in 5 Months.

So, we are capable in replicating our results and benefiting your product's exposure.

Source: Google Search Console

Imagine How Many People Will See Your Product

84,000 potential SME Purchaser yearly will see your product and brand, creating a Strong Brand Awareness for your business. The number of potential SME Purchaser is expected to increase by a minimum of 20% yearly as more users searches on Google Search.

Which Scenario Will You Choose?

Scenario 1: You advertise on social media. You need to pay for the advertising cost even if it didn't generate any sales. Advertising cost also will rise as more competitors pay more for your advertising spot.

Scenario 2: Only pay commission when you have confirmed sales which is 100% risk free. If your commission is attractive enough, you will have a team of customer service and sales person pushing your and generate more sales.

One is not guarantee sales also need to pay, another one is pay for a guarantee sale. which you choose?

Total Benefits Worth Over RM5,000. But PW Partners Deserve More.

Bonus - FREE RM6,000 Marketing Funds

For a limited time only, Pacific Wise will be giving you RM50 Vouchers x 10pcs per month for total of 12 months (Worth RM6,000) without minimum spend for you to give out. Use it to increase your product/service's value, attract visitors, traffic, and/or attract webinar attendees.

Terms and conditions applied

Total Benefits Worth Over RM11,000 And More Benefits Will Be Coming Soon When More Partners Joins Our Business Inner Circle.

What You Need To Contribute To Our Business's Inner Circle

Your Popular Product At A Lower Price

Offer your hot products at a lower price to attract our business circle customers and turn it into your customers.

Total Benefit of Over RM11,000 + Your Revenue Boost + Your Increased Brand Awareness
+ Your Second Income Stream + Your Business Knowledge + An Inner Circle

Every Minute Past Is Every Opportunities Missed

Partnership is the key to success in businesses these days. With capable and strong partners comes together, our benefits and revenue will multiply. Nobody Can Stop Us. Join now before the partnership opportunity Offer Ends.

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