Pilot/Gel Pen/G-2/Pen Gel/Writing Pen/0.7mm

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• Point Size : Fine 0.7mm
• Colour : Black, blue, red
• Weight : 11 grams
• Quantity : 1pc
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Pilot/Gel Pen/G-2/Pen Gel/Writing Pen/0.7mm

The Pilot G2 is one of the top selling retractable gel pen in Malaysia. It is popular among users of different age group. It’s super smooth gel ink and it’s comfortable rubber grip makes it stand out from other gel pen. It is refillable with the BLS-G2 (0.7mm).

Product Detail:
• Model : BL-G2-7
• Point Size : Fine 0.7mm
• Colour : Black, Blue, Red
• Weight : 11 grams
**Special Note : Promo price is only valid for a ONLINE CUSTOMER, and this price not valid for those send order via, PO, Email or Whatsapp

• Material : Plastic and rubber
• Usage : Can used for many types of writing and illustration

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