Buncho/Poster Colour/Warna Poster/Colouring/15CC (12'S)

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• Brand : Buncho
• Colour : Mix Colours
• Packing : 12 colour per box
• Volume : 15cc per piece

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Buncho/Poster Colour/Warna Poster/Colouring/15CC (12'S)

Using poster colour to express your creativity and artistic side. Poster colour is a good option for school art projects because it's an opaque paint with a water-soluble binder with affordable price, and is able to clean up easily.

• Colour : Mix Colours
• Packing : 12 colour per box
• Volume : 15cc per piece
• Usage : It is widely used for posters and children's paintings.

• Thick Color Pigment
• Faster drying compare to water color
• Come in bottle

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Quantity (pcs)120pcs (10pack)
Degree of Hardness/Darker2B
Quantity (roll)30
Size (inch)12inch
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