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Excited about starting a business, but not sure where to start and worry about shipping, storing inventory?

Start your dropshipping business with us. Grow your business by selling to customers throughout the Klang Valley area.

In a nutshell, you do not have to worry about product sourcing and not having to pick, pack, ship your products by yourself. You can just focus on selling.

Table of Contents

1. Why Join Us?

2. What is the meaning of Dropship Partnership?

3. Benefits of Dropshipping

4. Pricing & Features of Dropship Package

5. No Fund to Start? No problem.

6. Requirements

7. How to Join?

Why Join Us?

  1 Stop Office Solution Provider
We provide plenty of brands and various price range for most of the products. You’ll be able to sell a wide variety of office supplies which are impossible for you to keep stocks with limited warehouse space. You can start selling hundreds of products without having a warehouse and keeping physical stocks. Cover all your customers’ office supplies needs with us.

  Wholesale Prices
You can get wholesale prices based on different levels of price offers on the dropship package you’ve subscribed to.

  The Reality of Operations
Pacific Wise has been in the office supplies industry for more than 10 years and knowing what are the things that corporates concern the most when it comes to office supplies.

  Quality Control
We only carry high quality and defect-free products for our corporate clients. In addition, we always inspect the quality and quantity of products carefully before shipping out to customers, so you can rest assured that your customers will receive their products in good condition. Just in case the products that your customers receive are defective, we will 100% provide exchange or refund to you to cover the loss incurred.

  Collect Your Money Through Many Channels
It’s commonly known that a business is not profitable when it can’t get paid. Therefore, we give the hand with multiple secured integrated payment gateway system in place for your business. Moreover, we provide zero charges on Cash on Delivery service to help build your customers’ confidence with you.

  Deliver on Expectations in Every Way
We always ensure that your customers are having a happy shopping experience with you. With our strong and reliable logistics support, you can build a good relationship with your customers. Our 10 van and lorry are able to cover the delivery area within Klang Valley and we also strike up partnerships with well known logistic providers like Poslaju, J&T and others for outstation delivery.


   -   No keep stocks
   -   Wide selection product range
   -   Price cheaper & no minimum quantity (Can choose CBD).
   -   100% Refund/Exchange/Warranty
   -   Low minimum delivery amount. Refer our Shipping Terms here
   -   Fast delivery 1-3 working days based on item availability
   -   Dedicated Customer Service
   -   Help printing DO & scan the delivered DO
   -   We can help track order delivery

What is the meaning of Dropship Partnership?
Dropshipping is an eCommerce business model where customers place the order and pay the retail price to Dropshipper (you), Dropshipper forwards the order details to Supplier (Pacific Wise) and pay the wholesale price. And then Supplier ships the products directly from warehouse to the Customer.
Profits come from the difference between the retail price and wholesale price. No need to carry inventory, low risk, and less investment. Let’s take a glimpse of how the Dropship business works – for your better understanding.

Benefits of Dropshipping

1. Sell with Your Own Brand
Before you can sell, your business must first to be seen. This is where dropship business shines, as you can build your own brand by putting your marketing efforts into it and let us to take care of the rest – from keeping stocks, pick, pack & ship the products on behalf of you to your customers.

2. Save Time & Efforts
Spend lots of time and efforts for receiving, storing, inventorying, picking, packing products for shipment are absolutely daunting tasks for a small business owner.
As a matter of fact, how to source office products at reasonable price is one of the toughest problems for smaller, startup company. Hence, leave all your sourcing efforts to Pacific Wise while you save the time and efforts to grow the business.

3. Lower Investment and Risk
The main concept behind dropshipping is that eliminates the need for keeping products in inventory and lower the risks of loss/damage/stolen stocks. It also eliminates the facility space and labor that would be needed to maintain a varied inventory. Entrepreneurs who opt to market dropship products can start a retail operation at a very low cost. You don’t need to keep any stocks. You only need to pay for the products on payment due date.

4. Quicker to Acquire Market Share
Having to maintain inventory levels can be a tricky process as it's subject to fluctuations in supply and demand. We can ship directly to your customers with free shipping costs. (Subject to PW Shipping Terms)

Pricing & Features of Dropship Package

Package Lite Pro Premium
No. of Dropshipper Unlimited Limited to 50 Limited to 20
Dropshipper Fee per month FREE RM200 RM300
Payment in Advance (1 year) FREE RM2400 RM3600
Refundable Deposit within 24 hours RM1000 RM3000 RM5000
Credit Term 5 days 10 days 14 days
Webstore (Optional to Sign Up) Shopee/Lazada - Free SiteGiant - RM690 per year SiteGiant sync with Shopee/Lazada - RM1590 per year
[1] Wholesale Price based on Row 1st row 2nd last row Last row
Minimum Purchase Quantity 1 5 No minimum
Packing Fee for Shopee/Lazada RM5 per pack RM3 per pack RM2 per pack
Packing Fee for Your Own Webstore FREE FREE FREE
High Resolution Product Images FREE FREE FREE
Personal Support Hotline Support Dedicated Customer Service Dedicated Customer Service
Shipping Charges Refer Shipping Terms Refer Shipping Terms Refer Shipping Terms
PW Assist Upload Products to Webstore - 50 products 100 products
Webstore Banner Design Charge (Optional) - RM2500 RM2500
Digital Marketing Online Training (Optional) Youtube Video 2 Hours 4.5 Hours
Total Initial Investment with Webstore & 2 Marketplace RM1000 RM8590 RM12690
Total Final Investment in 1st Year (Exclude Refundable Deposit) FREE RM5590 RM7690

[1] What Is The Definition Of “Wholesale Price Based On Row” ?

To foster a straightforward partnership relationship with you, Pacific Wise ensures that the wholesale prices for every of our dropshippers are open and transparent. You will get different wholesale price levels from Pacific Wise website, based on the Dropship Package you’ve chosen. Below are the illustrations for your better understanding.

Scenario 1

You’re selling PaperOne A4 70GSM that is having 5 rows of different quantity, the wholesale price you will be getting is:

As you can see, the premium dropshipper have the advantage of having a more competitive wholesale price than the other 2 dropshipper. Also, the wholesale price is much cheaper when you compare to other sellers, you can thus earn a fruitful profit margin from it. Not to mention there's no minimum quantity required!

**REMARK: Here’s how you can get the Unit Price when wholesale price is summed up: (Sum-up Price ÷ Quantity) = Wholesale Price per unit

Scenario 2

You’re selling Canon Toner Cartridge 308 (Compatible) that is having 2 rows of different quantity, the wholesale price you will be getting is:

Scenario 3

You’re selling Brown Paper D Bag that is no quantity option to choose. In this scenario, the wholesale price is the same for Lite, Pro, or Premium Dropshipper. For clarification, the reason there’s no quantity option is that this product is a slow-moving product, we do not encourage you to sell it, as the price is not advantageous enough to compete with other sellers. However, you’re the one who’s running the business, the choice is still up to you.

No Fund To Start? No Problem.

Now, the Government is encouraging people start a business to boost the economic growth in Malaysia. Consider applying for a business loan from Malaysia’s Government could be a good option for your startup funding.
Find out more for where you can get the loan and how to apply loan here:



How to Join?

Please drop an email to with the Subject Line "Dropship Partnership" and our Customer Support Team will advise you on the procedure of joining Dropship Partnership program.